Solar Photovoltaics Supply & Installation Services in Warwickshire

Solar Photovoltaics Supply & Installation Services in Warwickshire

A quick explanation of solar pv

Solar Photovoltaics, more commonly know as Solar PV or Solar Panels generate your own environmentally friendly and renewal source of energy from the sun, converting it's energy into electricity. These modern solar panels produce electricity simply from daylight and do not require direct sunlight. it should of course be noted though, that more electricity is generated on bright, sunny days.

In a couple of simple steps the basic process can be explained: The sun's energy is captured by the solar panels and converted into direct current. An inverter connected to the solar panels converts this direct current into alternating current for everyday use in for your business or household.

Surplus energy can be stored in batteries for later use or fed back to the grid.

Our Solar PV supply & installation service

1 NRG Solar Solutions provide a no hassle solar pv supply and installation service for your business or home. Our team of professional, qualified specialists will evaluate a range of factors on a case by case basis to establish the most suitable solution and configuration to meet your properties specific requirements. Once established, we will plan the installation in the most efficient way to limit any inconvenience or disruption and carefully carry out the transition of your property or premises into the new age of renewable energy.


Ready to reduce your carbon footprint and make the move to the sustainable solution for your energy requirements? Book our solar pv and renewal energy specialist now.
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